Monday, July 27, 2009

ALMOST too hot for junkin'

Junkin' has been well documented on this blog, throughout the years. And another junkin' season is upon us.

Here is the primer, in case you are clueless about junkin'. And here is a link to my past Junkin' related posts. You'll have to scroll down to see all of the crap great stuff I have hauled home over the years.

The last few have been washouts, either because of rain (which I am WISHING on this season) or because of a low quality of junk set out by our neighbors. Either way, I haven't scored great junk in a couple of season.

Maybe my standards are getting too high?

Anyways, I had a goal of finding a plastic doghouse to modify into a second chicken coop. The Boss Lady spotted one, but it was gone by the time I made it by the pile a few hours later.

Racecar Man called to gloat about his finds last night, a gas pressure washer that shows great promise to be up and running again soon, and a 4 burner gas grill that needs a good cleaning. I couldn't resist the challenge, so we cruised the neighborhood to see what other treasures we might find.

Lo and behold, it's corners have been chewed on by a bored dog, but I found my junkin' doghouse. it is EXACTLY what I need to expand the chicken coop and $75 cheaper than the one we bought last year.

Along with the stuff I drug home, I also got rid of a couple of skate ramps that scare The Talker so much that he won't use them, an old satellite dish, a tire from a minivan I drove 3 or four years, my garage TV that has a blown speaker and about a hundred feet of old swing chains from the playscape rebuild project at the preschool. Everything except the skate ramp set was hauled away by this morning.

It is too dang hot to make anymore treasure hunting runs this junkin' season, so I am declaring this one a big success and calling it closed.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Catch up time

It is true, I don't blog a lot anymore. Bro pointed that fact out this morning. It isn't that I have less to say, just ask the wife. But it is summer time. The wife has been home from work and I try to take the available time to recharge my batteries and to let the kids reconnect with their momma.

In other words, I hide out. All. Summer. Long.

Of course, summers are not what they used to be;The Boss Lady only had three weeks off this summer. And the kids and I have been too freakin' hot to do much blog worthy since we got home from California.

Anyways, this weekend is a rare break in the summer doldrums. The weather is still hot, but a weekend shared with family and friends has made for a nice break in the summer. We went to a family reunion with The Queen Mother's side of the fam this weekend. There were dozens of people who I won't see again until the 4th weekend of July, 2010 and some of the best barbecue I have eaten in years, thanks to my second cousin's excellent grill skillz.

Today the family had to partake in a lesser quality of cookout. I grilled up some burgers after church. The kids won't eat "blackened" dawgs, so we boiled those on the stove. But my cooking was not the highlight of the day. Today was about The Talker.

He is a seven year old and has recently made a profession of his faith at Vacation Bible School, so he was baptized this morning. During the church service I was reassured that The AtHomeFam is exactly where we are supposed to be. In life. In church. All of it. Contentment sure is nice.

Between family, friends and neighbors, there were more than 30 people at our church specifically to see The Talker take his turn in the dunk tank. I know it meant a lot to him, to see his friends and cousins this morning, but it meant more to The Boss Lady and myself than we will ever be able to relate on a blog.

Anyways, the aftermath of having 1/3 a hundred people in our little house is fully here. It will take days for us to recover from the mess. And it will all be worth it, to share such a great weekend with the people we love. And even with those who we only like a little bit.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Post 1627

June 7 snuck by without me noticing. But this Blog turned 5 years old this summer. Can you imagine how much drivel exists in one thousand, six hundred twenty seven posts? Even I am scared to go too deep into the archives.

An aside: my computer seems to be living on borrowed time. I was convinced it had died last night, but after reinstalling XP and everything else (thanks to to 500GB backup external hard drive we bought a couple of months ago), it seems to be running OK today. I am still trying to find the last of the drivers I need to be back to full speed.

I am pretty sure Rick jinxed my computer when he called a day or two ago. Those computer guys can do stuff like that...

Monday, July 20, 2009

Here is hoping...

I am trying out anything I can think of to coax a little rain out of this cloudy day.

This looks like the best chance we have had for rain in more than two weeks, so we are off to play outside, hang some clothes on the line and to wash the cars.


Truthfully, there are not a lot of things that come up with the kids that I am completely clueless about. I may not WANT to handle some crisis, but I actually am capable. Most of the time.

This morning has presented one of those times in which I am totally clueless.

The Princess' earring fell out in the night. We found the earring, but the back clip is MIA.

When she was pierced I remember something about the earring backs being some kind of special thing that holds everything tight for the healing process. So if I don't hear from The Boss Lady soon, I guess we are off to the mall for a new set of starter earrings.

Friday, July 17, 2009

The cool front froze my brain

It is 1:30 in the afternoon and the last time I was outside it was less than 95 degrees. This is the coolest day we have had in several weeks.

M&M, our survivor from flock v 2.0 is a good egg layer, currently giving us about 5 eggs a week. When it was less than a million degrees out there she often laid an egg a day for 10 days straight. She is singlehandedly giving us enough eggs for our family. But chickens are flock animals. So I have been planning to add another bird or two to keep M&M company.

I was looking online for birds that were mature, of egg laying age. In the end I decided that our chickens have been easy to handle and work with because we have hand raised them. And the only way to ensure new birds react the same way to the kids is to raise them ourselves. Besides that, I have grown tired of watching the local poultry lists, Craigslist and a couple of national poultry web sites for a good deal on local birds.

The kids have been anxiously awaiting the time that we would add another couple of birds to our one hen flock. So today we decided to pay Chicken Store Lady a visit.

In the past we have been happy with the birds she suggested. She did not have any Buff Orpingtons or Light Brahmas. So Chicken Store Lady suggested the Cochins. They are known to be docile and huge, with feathered legs and feet, so we bought one buff colored pullet.

The Princess' two day old Buff Cochin pullet.
Currently known as Golden Diamond, (aka GD Chicken)
Hey, I don't name them.

Since we since we started feeding the neighbor's dogs raising hens, I have heard about Ameraucanas and the green/blue eggs they lay. The farm store has never had them in stock when we have been there, so we decided to buy one of them also.

The Talker's two day old Ameraucana pullet.
This is a cool looking bird!

So here we are, starting out flock version 2.5. These little chicks will have to be inside for a few weeks and the fence climbing dog is moving to Dallas soon. Hopefully that will give these girls a fighting chance to lay some eggs by the New Year.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I ain't going in there

Today marks three days in a row that the kids have played together soooooooooooo nicely that I am starting to think they are planning something.

Currently they are trashing The Princess' room with a game that involves lots of baby talking stuffed animals a couple of swords, a pink shield and a velvet party dress.

I don't THINK anyone is getting neutered, but until someone (a real human child, specifically) starts crying, I am not entering the chamber of horrors. Good luck to you, Fluffy and Spot.

The summer is winding down quickly. The Boss Lady is already back at work. It is hot enough outside that my face might melt off if we go swimming. So we are hanging at the house and trying not to die from heatstroke.

While the kids play, I am doing all of the really kick ass stuff that I get to do. Dishes, laundry and clothesline duty. Big fun! I may go nuts (if I can chase away the headache) and vacuum.

Yep. It is an exciting life around here.

Especially if you are a stuffed animal.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Overheard at bed time

"You know girl, it is kind of gross to lay your toothbrush on the toilet seat."

Road trip recap #1

We had a blast on on our road trip out to California. Lots to tell, and loads of great pictures to show you. But I haven't had much time to sort through the photos or to sit and tell our best stories. So this quick preview will have to do for now.

Here are a couple of of the best pictures from our trip.

A peek at the Davis Mountains, from our picnic lunch site along Interstate 10.
Also the location of one of our Geocache finds.

A dip into the Pacific Ocean, North Beach San Clemente, California.
Taken about 2 hours after we finished our 1400 mile drive.

My favorite picture from the Grand Canyon.
Taken along the South Rim Trail behind the old park headquarters.

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

3482 miles. 9 days. 4 states (not counting confusion)
and 2 cases of Dr Pepper


The Babysitter and the rental car have been dropped off.

Pictures coming soon but for now the chauffeur needs a nap.

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Back in NM

850 miles until home. Eating lunch out of the ice chest and it is about 1000% better than the awful slop we ate last night at a "real" restaraunt.

Monday, July 06, 2009

Kingman, AZ

On the way to the Grand Canyon. Should get there about 4 pm.

Sunday, July 05, 2009

Leaving California

The AtHomeFam and The Babysitter will be heading towards home in the morning. Our trip has been a raging success. Multiple beach trips to beaches all over the area, We had no idea there were different types of beaches in California. loads of shopping, You should check out my new surfer look. Legoland, Disneyworld, Fourth of July fireworks on the beach and today, the San Diego Zoo, With a side visit to the Balboa Park Carousel.

We had a blast. Visiting my Aunt and Uncle had been great fun, too. They have gone out of their way to make the whole family happy. The kids have enjoyed getting to really know their great Aunt, who seems to have enjoyed her time with them, too. Another few days and I might be ready to give it all up and become a full-time beach bum.

Tomorrow we are heading for the Grand Canyon. The detour is only about 300 miles and I am guessing, about 6 extra hours in the car, so we have decided that it is a worthy distraction. The timing of our canyon visit is not going to work out great, we probably won't get there until late afternoon, but we may try to say near the park, so that we can enjoy the scenery of the Grand Canyon at dusk.

Pictures will have to wait until we get home. Too many to sort through for now.

Thursday, July 02, 2009

Bonfire on the beach

last night. Disneyland today.

Life might not get better than this.

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Trip Recap

Our road trip out to San Clemente, California was blissfully uneventful. No broken down car, no flat tires. Everything went smoothly.

The kids were kept entertained with an assortment of handheld video games, DVDs, coloring books, reading Prince Caspian stories with The Boss Lady and being entertained by The Babysitter, their 22 year old second cousin wo came along for the ride (and a trip to Disneyland).

We traveled 1400 miles, door to door. 75% of that time was spent on Interstate 10. The best part of the drive though, was Interstate 8, through the Imperial Valley. The mountains and boulders were awesome.

Today is the day we set aside for "Un-Planned Spontenaity" - Thanks to Chels for that quip.. We do not have any real plans, other than playing at the beach, hitting some Cail geocaches and maybe a side trip to the Surfing Heratige Foundation. Texas boy need to get his surf on sometimes, you know?