Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I ain't going in there

Today marks three days in a row that the kids have played together soooooooooooo nicely that I am starting to think they are planning something.

Currently they are trashing The Princess' room with a game that involves lots of baby talking stuffed animals a couple of swords, a pink shield and a velvet party dress.

I don't THINK anyone is getting neutered, but until someone (a real human child, specifically) starts crying, I am not entering the chamber of horrors. Good luck to you, Fluffy and Spot.

The summer is winding down quickly. The Boss Lady is already back at work. It is hot enough outside that my face might melt off if we go swimming. So we are hanging at the house and trying not to die from heatstroke.

While the kids play, I am doing all of the really kick ass stuff that I get to do. Dishes, laundry and clothesline duty. Big fun! I may go nuts (if I can chase away the headache) and vacuum.

Yep. It is an exciting life around here.

Especially if you are a stuffed animal.

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