Monday, July 20, 2009


Truthfully, there are not a lot of things that come up with the kids that I am completely clueless about. I may not WANT to handle some crisis, but I actually am capable. Most of the time.

This morning has presented one of those times in which I am totally clueless.

The Princess' earring fell out in the night. We found the earring, but the back clip is MIA.

When she was pierced I remember something about the earring backs being some kind of special thing that holds everything tight for the healing process. So if I don't hear from The Boss Lady soon, I guess we are off to the mall for a new set of starter earrings.

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Grace said...

Until you can get to the mall, just put a small & soft eraser as the backing. This keep the earring in place until you get a "real" back clip.