Sunday, July 26, 2009

Catch up time

It is true, I don't blog a lot anymore. Bro pointed that fact out this morning. It isn't that I have less to say, just ask the wife. But it is summer time. The wife has been home from work and I try to take the available time to recharge my batteries and to let the kids reconnect with their momma.

In other words, I hide out. All. Summer. Long.

Of course, summers are not what they used to be;The Boss Lady only had three weeks off this summer. And the kids and I have been too freakin' hot to do much blog worthy since we got home from California.

Anyways, this weekend is a rare break in the summer doldrums. The weather is still hot, but a weekend shared with family and friends has made for a nice break in the summer. We went to a family reunion with The Queen Mother's side of the fam this weekend. There were dozens of people who I won't see again until the 4th weekend of July, 2010 and some of the best barbecue I have eaten in years, thanks to my second cousin's excellent grill skillz.

Today the family had to partake in a lesser quality of cookout. I grilled up some burgers after church. The kids won't eat "blackened" dawgs, so we boiled those on the stove. But my cooking was not the highlight of the day. Today was about The Talker.

He is a seven year old and has recently made a profession of his faith at Vacation Bible School, so he was baptized this morning. During the church service I was reassured that The AtHomeFam is exactly where we are supposed to be. In life. In church. All of it. Contentment sure is nice.

Between family, friends and neighbors, there were more than 30 people at our church specifically to see The Talker take his turn in the dunk tank. I know it meant a lot to him, to see his friends and cousins this morning, but it meant more to The Boss Lady and myself than we will ever be able to relate on a blog.

Anyways, the aftermath of having 1/3 a hundred people in our little house is fully here. It will take days for us to recover from the mess. And it will all be worth it, to share such a great weekend with the people we love. And even with those who we only like a little bit.


Boss Lady said...

Well said. I was almost hoping for a cannon ball.

Anonymous said...

What a GREAT DAY!!!!
Many Blessing to come!!!!