Monday, July 27, 2009

ALMOST too hot for junkin'

Junkin' has been well documented on this blog, throughout the years. And another junkin' season is upon us.

Here is the primer, in case you are clueless about junkin'. And here is a link to my past Junkin' related posts. You'll have to scroll down to see all of the crap great stuff I have hauled home over the years.

The last few have been washouts, either because of rain (which I am WISHING on this season) or because of a low quality of junk set out by our neighbors. Either way, I haven't scored great junk in a couple of season.

Maybe my standards are getting too high?

Anyways, I had a goal of finding a plastic doghouse to modify into a second chicken coop. The Boss Lady spotted one, but it was gone by the time I made it by the pile a few hours later.

Racecar Man called to gloat about his finds last night, a gas pressure washer that shows great promise to be up and running again soon, and a 4 burner gas grill that needs a good cleaning. I couldn't resist the challenge, so we cruised the neighborhood to see what other treasures we might find.

Lo and behold, it's corners have been chewed on by a bored dog, but I found my junkin' doghouse. it is EXACTLY what I need to expand the chicken coop and $75 cheaper than the one we bought last year.

Along with the stuff I drug home, I also got rid of a couple of skate ramps that scare The Talker so much that he won't use them, an old satellite dish, a tire from a minivan I drove 3 or four years, my garage TV that has a blown speaker and about a hundred feet of old swing chains from the playscape rebuild project at the preschool. Everything except the skate ramp set was hauled away by this morning.

It is too dang hot to make anymore treasure hunting runs this junkin' season, so I am declaring this one a big success and calling it closed.


urbanvox said...

Con grats! :)

Anonymous said...

Excellent! I could get rid of some junk myself