Sunday, August 02, 2009

Mr Mike for hire!

The preschool that The Princess attended for the last two years was a big blessing for both of us. She made loads of great friends and her teachers were all top notch. I should know, I was one of them.

I decided early on the there was no real reason for me to send the girl to a part time preschool program. I would spend all of my free time driving to drop her off, and back again to pick her up. Like with her big brother, I planned for her to be at home until kindergarten.

Then I sort of stumbled into a part time job at the preschool. Suddenly, I was going to be getting paid to hang out from drop off time to pick up time. Plus, the girl would attend for free, making my $10 an hour job a lot more profitable.

For the past two years I have been Mr Mike, a title I never really liked - if a kid can call me by my first name, then why should I make him use a title like Mister?, Playground Activity Leader, Recreation Teacher, Assistant Classroom Teacher as needed, occasional Handyman and Janitor and Chicken Visit Coordinator.

Sure, sometimes the kids whined too much and the adults acted like the four year old children occasionally, but there really was not a part of the job I disliked. Turns out I made a pretty good Mr Mike. From what I could tell, the kids liked me, the other teachers appreciated my efforts and the parents liked having me around. For us, the job was perfect. My hours would have me home to drop the kids off at school and home before the bus dropped them off in the afternoon, with enough time to spare for a quick nap. A perfect daily schedule!

But now, due to budget cuts and a regime change at the preschool, The Mr Mike position(s) has gotten the axe for this coming year. So I find myself in the enviable position of having nothing to do once the kids start school in 22 days.

Of course, without the part time job I won't have any spending money to blow on projects like chickens, old trucks, guitars, TVs, video games, cigars or fishing. Why do I always feel a little too redneck when I list my hobbies?

So now I am on the hunt for another perfect part time job. I need something that keeps me employed Monday - Friday, from about 8am until about 2:30pm. Any later and I can't be home for drop off; any early and I'll oversleep and be late. (Just trying to set up some reasonable expectations).

The applicant comes with a wealth of experiences. Some of which might even be pertinent to the job. If not, I can fake it real well... And I sure would like someone to pay a bundle for my services.

After all, Mr Mike is kind of high Maintenance. Just ask Mrs Mr Mike.


Anonymous said...

'Cause you are a little to Redneck!!!!

The Father of Five said...

"Welcome to Mega-Lo-Mart, I am Mr. Mike..."

Oh, wait... That's in Arlen, Texas, and I do not know how far a drive it is between your place and Arlen....

I'll keep trying...

The Father of Five said...

Oh, and I think if you look at MOST guy's hobbies... We all look a little "redneck"..

It's part of our DNA Helix...

Anonymous said...

"Hostage Negotiator" (it'll make more sense after reading my blog).

Sorry about the job Mr. Mike. Gud luk finding a knew won.

Arjun Sen said...

We must be riding the same wave today. Check out my blog post today for my version of the best job on the planet... it involves handing out popsicles, no experience needed.

Mike said...

Don't you love the instant notification about spammy comments feature of blogger, Hua?

I do!

Love Bears All Things said...

I wondered what you'd be doing this school year. I could use a little job like that but I would cut off an hour at least. Preferably not too far from home.
And, my insurance agent calls me Ms Sammie. I don't like it at all. I didn't give her permission and I'm thinking of changing agents.
Mama Bear

By the way, if you're reading this Rick, do not start calling me that!!