Saturday, August 08, 2009

New Shoe Day!

The beginning of school must be near. The AtHomeFam hit the shoe store this afternoon.

The Princess scored a pair of black shoes that can work for school or church. The Talker scored a new pair of running shoes that should carry him around the track form any laps during his whole class running time. Every kid at the school runs laps several times a week to supplement the PE classes that they attend only every third day.

Old habits are hard to break, and even though I don't really have anywhere to go in the near future, I couldn't resist getting a new pair of running shoes, too. The Boss Lady hardly ever gets to wear non-dress shoes to work, so she skipped out on the sports shoe fiesta.

With the purchase of the shoes, I would say that we are ready for the first day of school. And we got it done more than 2 weeks ahead of time.


Anonymous said...

I "had to" stop running several months ago because of my back. But yesterday, after considering yet another 30-minute bore-fest on the elliptical, I decided to try a run. Got in 2.5 miles before my hips and back shut down. Today, I feel like that printer on "Office Space" that they took out into the field and beat the crap out of!
Hope your new running shoes treat you better!

Mike said...

Ohm I don't run, except to the store, in a car, to buy Dr Pepper.

But I like the running shoes vs tennis shoes or BBall shoes.

Maybe I'll start wearing soccer cleats next time.