Monday, July 13, 2009

Road trip recap #1

We had a blast on on our road trip out to California. Lots to tell, and loads of great pictures to show you. But I haven't had much time to sort through the photos or to sit and tell our best stories. So this quick preview will have to do for now.

Here are a couple of of the best pictures from our trip.

A peek at the Davis Mountains, from our picnic lunch site along Interstate 10.
Also the location of one of our Geocache finds.

A dip into the Pacific Ocean, North Beach San Clemente, California.
Taken about 2 hours after we finished our 1400 mile drive.

My favorite picture from the Grand Canyon.
Taken along the South Rim Trail behind the old park headquarters.


Anonymous said...

I would like to thank the Saudis for allowing gas prices to drop so your family could experience America.
One of these days, mine will do the same!

Dad Stuff said...