Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Post 1627

June 7 snuck by without me noticing. But this Blog turned 5 years old this summer. Can you imagine how much drivel exists in one thousand, six hundred twenty seven posts? Even I am scared to go too deep into the archives.

An aside: my computer seems to be living on borrowed time. I was convinced it had died last night, but after reinstalling XP and everything else (thanks to to 500GB backup external hard drive we bought a couple of months ago), it seems to be running OK today. I am still trying to find the last of the drivers I need to be back to full speed.

I am pretty sure Rick jinxed my computer when he called a day or two ago. Those computer guys can do stuff like that...

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urbanvox said...

Happy Birth day! :)
Or Blorthday
Of Birthblog...
You got the drill!!!

Computers... can;t live with them... can;t live without them... :)