Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Too much excitement before naptime?

The Talker is really excited. The truck just came to pick up our big trash. We only get to set out things that won't fit in the city garbage can every seven months. So it is a pretty big deal. Almost every house ends up with a pile in front of it. Kind of like mini monuments to the suburban consumer.

The best part of it all involves Racecar Man and I scouring the neighborhood, looking for treasures. This year I brought home a reel mower, a bunch of lumber and a couple of patio umbrellas that I scrapped for the canvas. And a little something for The Law Talking Guy, but you can read more about that over here.

But the best part for the boy is that they use old trucks to pick this stuff up. Our normal pickup is done by an automated truck. The driver operates the arm to unload the cans from inside the cab. But the trucks they use for bulky pickup are the old style trucks. The giant hydraulic hopper and two guys riding on the back. So The Talker gets to watch them crush all of our big stuff.

The highlight of today's pick up was watching an old wooden picnic table get smashed to bits. The plastic art easel was pretty exciting, too. And the fact that I picked both of these items up during previous bulky trash collections made it even more fun to watch. (I grabbed the easel at least two years ago. And the picnic table at least three years ago. Both from neighbor's piles.) Maybe next time I'll pick up a bunch of old TVs or computers, so that we can watch them crush something REALLY cool.

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