Sunday, January 22, 2006

$90 MP3 Player review

As Rick reminded me, I never shared any more info about my newest toy.

I have really enjoyed having an MP3 player. In the last couple of weeks I have spent countless hours ripping my CD collection into Windows Media Player so that I can sync them to the player. But that has been cool, since I have listened to a lot of music lately that I haven't heard in years.

The Sansa m240 is small, lightweight and it has good sound quality. It fits easily in my pocket when I am out walking or working in the yard. And since I just got a good deal on rechargeable AAA batteries, it is nice that it runs for 15 hours or more on one AAA. The box said it would hold about 240 songs. I filled it up with about 200. And they were ALL George Strait songs! If I reduce the quality when I rip the music into my computer I can get a few more songs on it. But really, who needs more than 200 George Strait songs in their front pocket?

A couple of features I don't love about the player: There is no way to delete a song through the player controls. You have to remove songs when you sync with Windows Media Player. It also seems that some of the functions are harder to use when the battery gets low. For example the backlight won't kick on when you make a selection. And I am not wild about the earbuds. Maybe I have really big ears or something, but they seem to fall out a lot. Plus, if I don't put them in just right, they hurt my ears after a few minutes.

And music should not be about pain. Unless you are listening to me play guitar...

So there you have it. A quick run down of my new MP3 player. I don't think I did too bad for $90.

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Darth Daddy said...

I hate earbuds. I have the same problems - either they fall out - or give me an earache after a few minutes.

I much prefer the headsets that rest behind your ears - and the platic connector actually sets on the back of your head, rather than the top.


ps. My Work verification is hdwnyk. Finally found a random order that sounds like a real word. Hoodwink.