Sunday, January 08, 2006

The parents are always the last to know

I need to add a new character to the cast.

But for now, let me introduce The Talker's imaginary friend, Pablo.

Pablo started out as a character from The Backyardigans. But I guess a blue penguin needs to stretch his wings once in a while. Pablo is pretty much involved in every aspect of The Talker's life right now.

Pablo helps decide what the boy should wear in the mornings and what games they should play in the yard. And the wife and I just realized how involved The Talker is in this imaginary play time. Evidently the neighbors knew. When I mentioned it to one of the moms, she just said something like "Uh. Yeah. Haven't you noticed before?"

Nope. Not until today at lunch. While Pablo was eating tater tots.

But maybe it is because I like Pablo hanging around. He never yells in the house and he always cleans up after himself. He does not eat much and he never pees on the potty seat.

So I think we are all OK with having Pablo around. After all, the kids and I all need a good influence like Pablo once in a while.

But if Pablo cuts The Talker's hair, he is out of here.

I was going to end right there, but I'll explain. Every time we cut The Talker's hair he talks about Pablo trying to cut his hair for a couple of days. Which is totally unacceptable behavior from an imaginary friend. Especially one who may or may not be a penguin

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