Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Precocious little fingers

When we took The Princess out of her baby bed, we quickly realized the need for another way to keep her contained at night. It only took her a couple of nights in the toddler bed to figure out how to open her door knob, giving unfettered access to the whole house while mommy and daddy slept.

So we bought the dreaded door knob covers. Little plastic clamshell looking things that go over the knob and spin freely, unless you grasp them just right. Kind of like child proof pill bottle lids for your doors. Especially in that kids usually master using them quicker than the adults.

The Talker has mastered the new door knobs, which is fine. The Princess? She can't make the covers work, BUT she has figured out how to take the covers off of the door knobs. She reaches inside and pries the plastic halves apart.

Guess it is time to break out the duct tape. Then, I can either tape the pieces shut and keep the knobs covered, or maybe I can just tape all of her fingers together and avoid the problem completely.


Kevin said...

I've thought about the same thing. What about leaving the door open and putting up a gate, or is she too big for that?

Mike said...

She is a climber. I don't think the gates would give her much trouble. Plus, she is a control freak and has to make sure all the doors in the house are closed all the time.

Maybe I could convince her to wear mittens 24/7!

KC said...

Yeah1 I was going to suggest mittens too, or maybe a straitjacket :P or, how about a ball and chain?

Mike said...

A man with great ideas.

Wanna babysit sometime?