Friday, January 20, 2006

Weekend plans

Since it has not rained for real in more than two months, I assume that it won't rain this weekend either. Except that I am hoping to get some work done in the backyard on Saturday. My plans will surely bring on a thunderstorm, right?

I am about 25% done with the playscape fall zone. A lot of the pea gravel is in place and the general layout is decided. Now I just have to build the retaining walls. I dismantled a nice retaining wall when we brought the gravel over. So now I am cutting off the spikes to start assembling the new wall.

After getting all of the lumber cleaned up I am going to try and lay out the pieces to have minimum waste and the fewest number of cuts. I did not get this fat by not being a little lazy... Plus, I would like to end up with 12 uncut posts that I can use when I rebuild the fence on one side of our yard.

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Rick said...

11 days ago you said your mp3 player would be here in 10 days. We are all waiting.