Thursday, January 19, 2006

That is really bad

When we walked in to the pharmacy at Costco, the receptionist called the kids by name. She likely remembers them from our three previous trips to the pharmacy in the last three days. But just the fact that we are known in the pharmacy is a little odd.

I swear I am not doping the kids just to get a good night's sleep. Besides, The Boss Lady would tell you that sleep plan does not work. Since the kids hardly sleep through the night, but her loving husband can snooze right through the chaos at 3:15 am. Didya know there IS a 3:15 am? I'll take your word for it.

And the worst part of the trip? The diaper blow out. Not so bad by itself, but the fact that we were out of diapers in two, TWO, 2, BOTH diaper bags meant that The Princess got to parade around the store free and easy. A little inspiration for the pharmacy. "I've got a juice-loaded toddler without a diaper and I'm not afraid to use her. Now hand over the amoxicillin."

In the end everything worked out fine. The drugs came quickly, The Princess stayed dry and we provided a lot of entertainment for the other people waiting for drugs. Plus, there are two diapers now hidden in the car to make sure we don't go without again.

I will tell The Boss Lady where one diaper is, just in case she gets stuck in a lurch, like we did today. But the other is hidden really well and it will remain my little secret. As long as I remember where it is when it is needed.

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graceful said...

I never ran out of diapers but I didn't have an extra outfit when I needed it. My son (about 3months old at the time) had a poopy blowout right when we got to a Gymboree class for my daughter. Thankfully it was at Gymboree because the teacher had an extra sweatshirt that my son could wear. I feel your pain though. Hide a diaper. Hide an extra outfit. Hide a snack.