Friday, January 06, 2006

Flu season is upon us

The wife and I are both sick today. She has the flu and came home early from work yesterday. Last night she was up most of the night, so she is trying to nap a little today.

Allergy season has started for me. So I feel like I have the flu, but I get the benefits of no fever and a lot more snot.

I have worried about this problem since I started staying home, 3 1/2 years ago. What would we do if both adults get sick at once? The answer? I'll let you know when we find one that works. For now I am just trying to keep the kids content and quiet and breathe at the same time.

Because they are fine and dandy as strawberry candy. They both feel great and are full of energy. Which just makes it a lot harder to keep up today.

Think if The Boss Lady coughs on the the kids it might slow them down? Or would that just cause the neighbors to call Child Welfare?

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