Thursday, January 12, 2006

They aren't all jerks

I was looking back at some of my recent past posts and I can see a trend that I did not intend. It seems that most days I blog about anyone other than the family, it is only because we have run into some jerk during the day.

So I was wondering why this is what I blog. And I came up with a couple of reasons. One is that I just tend to remember the jerks. And I can usually spin the funny side of those encounters pretty easily. Plus, there are lots of days that the kids and I only see a handful of people. We spend lots of time hanging out around the house. Sod on days that we don't get out much, if we do have an encounter with an idiot, it is usually pretty memorable. But my mom always told us if we did not have something nice to say, make sure the other guy can't hear you when you start talking behind his back.

So today I wanted to watch for people being nice and friendly to the kids. We really only dealt with 4 people all day. And they were all nice. A Home Depot electrical department guy was really helpful and he stood there talking to the boy for 5 minutes, when The Talker launched into a story. On the way home we stopped at the park. There was only one family there and the kids were well behaved and everyone played great together.

So there. Nice things about people. Betcha didn't see that coming, didya?

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Rick said...

I bet you it doesn't happen again any time soon.

(This morning I told my barber a story about a kid who lost all their facial hair while lighting a grill.)