Saturday, January 07, 2006

15 hours and two clean machines

Yesterday afternoon I tried to get a few lingering projects out of the way. I repaired some of the kid's toys, I worked on the playscape and I decided to install a WinTV card that has been laying around here for a few weeks.

I got it installed in the family computer fairly painlessly. But I really wanted it in the computer I keep in the garage, since my tv out there died last fall. Before the card would work I needed to upgrade to a newer operating system. But I also had a hard drive sitting around, with a newer OS on it. The trick would be getting it all to cooperate.

I decided to start with a clean garage computer and I formatted the harddrive and reinstalled XP. But I did all of this through the family computer. And then afterwards I could not get the main hard drive to boot back up. It wanted a password before XP would start, but I never set it up with a password.

I finally gave up, borrowed some installation disks, and followed Rick's advice. I backed up a few files, formatted the hard drive, reinstalled XP and got back under way.

Since then I have spent the rest of the day getting
everything up to date and running again. And I got my garage computer cleaned out, too. Now XP has a home inside the house and out in the garage, too.

But my TV card still won't work.

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Mike said...

TV Card working!

TV good.