Thursday, April 29, 2010

Stalking the 'net.

The Boss Lady and I have loads of friends in common. I guess that is pretty normal since we have been around each other almost constantly since 1993. But we also share a few friends from back even before then. One of them we will call M.

M played a part in The Boss Lady and I getting together, when she encouraged me to call The Future Mrs AtHomeDaddy on a day off from summer camp responsibilities in 1992. After that call I decided to change my college plans and transfered to The University of Where The Future Mrs AtHomeDaddy Went (U 0f WWTFMAHDW) - they never did have very cool shirts for sale...

Unfortunately, we lost track of M a few years after we married and moved to Austin. I have tried to find her over the year. But even though I knew I could get an address from the old summer camp (if I would only think about this stuff during normal business hours), I would occasionally wonder where M had ended up.

Tonight I stalked her down looked her up on the internet. Turns out she is doing well (no surprise there) and doing great things to help people out (again, no surprise). I still wasn't 100% sure that it was M on the other end of the web page, so I sent a quick email just to see if I would get a response.

An hour or so later, I did get a response. My stalking skillz are still top notch! Of course, I fired off a longer (some might say "too long") email letting M know what we have all been up to for the past decade and a half. And hopefully we will be catching up more with M very soon.

Besides, if this Special Education teacher thing doesn't work out I can go into the Private Eye business.

AtHomeDaddy, P.I.

Anybody want to loan me some sunglasses, a mustache and a red Ferrari?

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