Wednesday, May 05, 2010

At least I have learned something!

During this teacher's training program, I have pretty much left everything else undone.

Somehow the kids are getting fed and they have clean(ish) clothes to wear to school. But everything else is pretty much in a holding pattern. Including this blog.

This weekend, after lots of business here in town, the family headed to Dallas and stayed up there until Monday afternoon. Yeah, the kids skipped school. So what? There are like 20 days left of the school year. If they haven't learned it yet, I bet it isn't happening before June...

I digress.

While everyone was out of town I tried to get a ton of studying done. I also broke down and decided to buy a study guide. I found it online for less than $30. Through the website I was able to see that the book was in stock at our local big box book store. At the store they couldn't find the book, even though they showed 3 copies in stock. Next best thing, they had a copy held for me at the nearest of their other locations.

I drove the 10 miles to the second store and they did indeed have the book waiting for me. But the $30 online price (FROM THEIR OWN WEBSITE!) was not valid 'in-store' so the book cost me $45.

I came home and immediately ordered the $30 identical study guide from the website. (They even had free shipping!) Today the second copy showed up. So I hauled it up to the store and got my $45 back.

In the end, I got the book I needed, WHEN I needed it and I got it for the $30 that I was originally planning to pay. But I also had to hassle with it. So all of this has given me one more reason for me to love the Kindle2 that I have stolen borrowed on a long term loan from The Boss Lady. No hassling with deliveries, returns OR jerk bookstore managers!

For the record, I returned the book to the closer bookstore and the manager who handled the return was nice, polite quick and cute, too. Not at all like the guy at the other store who earned the "jerk" title.

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