Tuesday, May 25, 2010

2-wheeled freedom

Last summer, the kids and I spent a good chunk of time trying to figure out the Sun. We were planned all sorts of ways to make the Sun our minion. We built the solar oven, we used the clothesline. We spent time out in the garden, making sure our plants were getting the most of the available sunlight. As the summer went on we were going to convert a radio to run on solar power, but we ran out of $ and it got hot out there.

Later in the year we learned a lot about Skin Cancer, but I digress.

The Summer of the Sun was a lot of fun. Today I think The Talker and I found this summer's theme. Bikes!

There is a lot of stuff nearby that the kids and I can get to on our bikes. Even so, it is usually easier to hop in the car and knock out a bunch of errands at once. This summer we are going to remember the two-wheelers that are sitting out in the garage, especially when it is early in the day and under a million degrees out there.

Today for lunch The Talker and I hopped on our bikes and rode through the neighborhood to lunch. Then we hit the trail home and stopped to check our geocache hides. All was good there, so we finished the 3 mile loop with a race home. Now leave us alone, Daddy needs a nap. And Oxygen.


EdathomeDad said...

I'm looking forward to getting back on the bike with my daughter. I have to graduate her to a two wheel bike. Because I think she has gotten to big for the bike seat that I have attached to mine. I wish you luck on your two-wheel adventures.

Anonymous said...

Completely off-topic...I was thinking about you today--or rather your chickens--and wondered what you do with their poop?

Mike said...


I use pine shavings as bedding material in the coop. Once a week or so I dump the shavings and all of the "extras" into a pile and compost it with the rest of the yard and garden waste