Tuesday, May 25, 2010

On the mend

The Talker has missed a full week of school. He had a fever that started last Wed night and FINALLY broke up for good (we all hope) last night. He is home today and feeling fine, but we are trying to be nice and follow the "24 Hour Fever-Free" rule. Besides, there are only 4 days of school left. What could he possibly be missing?

The Princess stayed home yesterday, but I think she was mainly sick of seeing her Big Brother get to stay home from school. I drove her to school yesterday, but by the time we got there I was not sure if she wasn't getting sick, so we called an audible and came home.

The girl made a miraculous recovery as we were pulling out of the school parking lot, but, there were only 5 days of school left. What could she possibly have missed?

The Boss Lady took pity on me and took the day off of work yesterday. She hauled the boy to the pediatrician to get new antibiotics and The Princess and I worked in the garden and went grocery shopping. After a family run to Costco we made good use of the rest of the afternoon. Naps and video games all around.

For a sick day we stayed pretty busy!


The Father of Five said...

Four days left of school?

What are they trying to get away with down there??

Four out of our five (the four still in K-12) do not get out of school until the 9th...

Mike said...

My apologies for the "Mike Math". There are actually 5 days of school left on the calendar. Of course, the last 2 are after a Monday off, so those are wasted days.