Monday, May 10, 2010

Glad that is done...

I took the second of three state exams today. If I passed this one, then I will be a Provisionally Certified, Highly Qualified Elementary Special Education Teacher. To finish the process I'll have to successfully teach a year and then my teaching certificate will no longer reflect a "Provisional Status".

In late June I take one last exam that will certify me to teach High School English/Language Arts. I don't intend to teach anything but Special Education, but thanks to the federal No Child Left Behind program, I have to pass this test to complete my high school teacher's certification.

I have a little time to ease up now, so I'll be making a full court press on the house. During the last couple of weeks of studying, I have slacked off with keeping the house tidy. Before studying for this most recent exam, babysitting The Little Dude was my excuse for not cleaning. And before that I was studying for an earlier test. But what about the 7 1/2 years prior to all of this testing? I had good excuses then, too. I swear!

In a couple of weeks we are hosting an end-of-season party for The Princess' kickball team. So I have about 10 days to whip the house and yard into submission. Got a start tonight, with a deep cleaning of the kitchen. Even the inside of the microwave got a cleaning.

Tomorrow I am hoping to plow through the living room and dining room. It has been a while since the Swiffer got any exercise in either of those rooms. At this rate I should just about get everything cleaned in time for the guests to show up.

May the good lord help anyone who messes up that kitchen before the party!

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