Friday, April 16, 2010

And you thought your life was dull?

In the last week and a half I haven't felt the need to blog much. Here is a re-cap of the things you missed:

Life is busy, with the kids in school, The Princess playing kickball, The Boss getting older and trying to wind down another school year. The chicken eggs were a hit at Easter, but we evidently forgot to take any photos after the dyeing. We also forgot to hide them, so the fancy, dyed eggs are probably still in Bro's fridge.

Today I finish up watching The Little Dude at least on an "Everyday" basis. And Monday will seem just as busy anyways. Hopefully next week I'll be making a full-court press to line up some job interviews for the fall. My classes start meeting for reals in a week or so. Think I need some back-to-school clothes?

So there you have it. The life of a baby-sitting, chicken farming, soon-to-be un-retired/former Stay at Homer. All in about 10 sentences.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot, I am out of Dr Pepper, so stay away from me until I can get to the grocery store. It would be best for everyone.

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