Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Die Escort, Die!

This morning I got an email from a friend who used to be a Stay at Home Dad. His wife listed a car for sale this morning on craigslist. It met all of our needs and is in our price range. Plus, it has half the miles of The Boss Lady's wrecked car and most importantly has been impeccably maintained.

We test drove it and agreed to buy it tonight. We will finish up the deal Thursday night.

Now we just have to get the insurance to total out the Escort and haul it off. Just this morning I told them that we were keeping the Escort, but the Mazda is too good to pass up.

So what have we learned in this deal?

Don't slap a $130 alternator into a car that you might not keep. The auto parts store might not take it back and you'll be getting rid of a car with a brand new alternator. (And a $600 ignition system, but that is another story).

Don't go ordering $250 worth of parts off of ebay unless you are sure you are keeping the car. Luckily the vendor who I bought most of it from is canceling the order for a $10 Here is Your Money Back, Dumb Ass Fee. And I am glad to pay it, 'cause I'm a Dumb Ass!

And most importantly, don't be a Dumb Ass. Take the freakin' insurance buyout and quit thinking that you are "going to fix it up real nice".

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jen said...

Congrats on junking the care, Mike! I know you hated it.