Sunday, May 28, 2006

Treasures from the trunk

While trying to get familiar with the Mazda I have given it a good cleaning and the mechanical once over. So far I only see one big problem with the car. The front half of the exhaust system is pretty rusty.

The previous owner already had the back half of the system, including the muffler replaced. But it will be up to us to replace the rest, including the catalytic converter. The woman we bought from told us about that, so it was no big surprise.

Otherwise, I found a few treasures in the car. Under the driver's floormat I found a sticky quarter which I promptly gave to a young man at his high school graduation party. (Don't worry, I am not cheap. He also got a box of pea gravel. And some real cash.)

I was checking tire pressures this morning and I pulled the spare tire out to check it. Good thing I did, since it was about 75% low. Plus, I hit the mother lode in the trunk. Two flat head screwdrivers and three more quarters. One is a 2001 Indiana quarter, the second is a 99 New Jersey and the third is a 1967 quarter. I just thought you might be interested to know that.

Now if I find another couple of thousand quarters under the rear floormats the car will pay for it's own exhaust repairs.

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KC said...

The catalytic converter, if it really needs to be replaced, won't be cheap, I think. Perhaps you can arrange for a workaround - replace everything in front of and behind it?