Wednesday, May 03, 2006

The down side to being a big kid

I was collecting all of the trash this morning, hoping to beat the garbage truck to the curb, when I got stopped in my tracks by The Talker.

Daddy, do big kids have to help with the trash?

Yeah, big kids have to help take the trash to the street. Little kids have to make sure all the trash makes it into the cans first, though. And that is a big help to me.

Do big kids GET to empty the kitty litter boxes?

Do they get to? Sure thing buddy. When you are big enough, I'll let you empty the litter boxes.

COOL! Thanks Daddy.

And if he is a really lucky boy, maybe I'll let him wash the dog, too!

1 comment:

Noir Muse said...

At my house other folks' big kids get to empty the kitty litter box at any time! It's a free-for-all litter box party over here.

Your boy is hilarious. :)