Monday, May 08, 2006

Express 13, Omaha Royals 3

Tonight the AtHomeFamily headed out early to the ballgame. We had to grab dinner at he park, since it was Dollar Dog and Drink Night. The whole family ate dinner for $10. What a bargain.

While we were out there, The Talker tried the rock climbing wall. He made it about 1/3 of the way before deciding that he wanted to come down. Pretty awesome for a 4 year old who had never been on a real rock climbing wall before that.

Early in the game, the visiting catcher threw the boy a ball at the end of an inning. So we waited until the end of the game to get the ball autographed. Very exciting stuff for a four year old, and his daddy, too!

So we have a new piece to the baseball collection, a game ball autographed by Paul Phillips, a catcher for the Omaha Royals, the AAA team of the Kansas City Royals system. Good Times.

The Talker caught another game ball last year. A catcher for Tacoma Raniers tossed him a ball back then, but we never did manage to get it autographed. And now Ryan Christianson is playing AA ball for the Montgomery Biscuits, so we likely won't be seeing him back around here anytime soon.

The Princess also caught a ball tonight. A little soft ball souvenir that the stadium staff toss into the stands between innings. She was very excited to have a baseball of her own, and even more thrilled when mommy wrote her name on it for her. How cool is it to have a baseball autographed for yourself, by you (or by your mommy, if you still can't spell)?

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