Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Hope I picked a winner...

Our neighborhood got slammed with a couple of hailstorms lately. Every roof in the area is needing replacement, so the roofers are out in force right now, trying to drum up business.

We had a horrible experience with our last roof, so I went with a guy who came highly recommended from a friend in real estate. He told me that this company is a good one to work with.

We signed the contract yesterday and he put a sign in our front yard, to mark his turf and keep the other roofers at bay I guess. The roofer was across the street this morning writing up an estimate for our neighbors. And he told me that he has gotten two more calls from our street.

Now I am REALLY hoping he is good. Looks like the entire neighborhood might be depending on my ability to pick a roofing company.

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