Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Kid friendly truck place

I am having a tow hitch added to the Saturn Vue. So this morning the kids and I ran to a couple of shops to have them give me prices for the parts and install. We found the best deal at the first place we stopped, a dumpy old warehouse hidden behind a couple of other shops. Guess the guy does not pay much overhead out there.

But one other place really made a good impression on me. Too bad their price was 25% more for the same equipment.

Right on the front door they had the store hours posted. And underneath the Monday through Friday hours they had listed something like Closed Saturdays and Sundays, so our employees can be involved in their children's weekend activities.

I really thought about just having them do the work. But their nice show room had two Hummers sitting in it, an H2 truck and an H3. That is a lot of overhead to pay for. Guess I'll stick with my dumpy place.

Besides, the warehouse place is closed Saturdays and Sundays, too. I guess their kids have stuff going on all weekend that they don't want to miss, either.

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