Sunday, May 14, 2006

Garden Eatin' Momma

For Mother's Day, The Boss Lady got a nice lunch right out of the garden. Everything in the picture, except the counter top and the bowls grew in our yard. Green Ice lettuce and beet greens, tomatoes and one itty bitty little carrot made up the salads. The Princess really wanted to pick a carrot, so she brought one in for mommy. The eggplant we sliced and rolled in wheat bread crumbs. Then it was fried in olive oil with fresh oregano and rosemary that The Talker picked for mom's lunch.

The greenbeans are the first ones we have gotten this season. Yummy with just a little bit of pepper and butter. The Boss Lady helped out, too. She grilled some chicken while the kids played in the yard and I harvested the veggies and got the eggplant cooked and the salad ready.

Now everyone else is sleeping off the feast.


Anonymous said...

YUM! I want your backyard. You must live in a bunny-free area!

Suddenly my three small tomato plants in pots of the elevated deck look puny. *sigh*

Mike said...

The tomatoes in the salad are all growing in five gallon laundry buckets, sitting beside the house.

The rest of the stuff is fenced in the middle of the yard to keep out squirrels and big white dogs.

No bunnies around, thanks to the coyotes.

Mike said...

But bunnies would be nice.

It is so seldom that you hear on the news of bunnies eating a house cat or a small child...