Monday, September 20, 2010

The boy's first political joke

The kids ride the bus from their campus to mine each afternoon. The timing couldn't work out better most of the time. They arrive at the high school right as my work is finishing up and I am ready to head homeward.

Most days they see the last of the high school students hanging around as we are walking to the car. And for the record, these high school kids are a good group, so I have no worries about walking my little ones around campus. All of that is simply background info.

The kids and I were headed to the car this afternoon. The kids saw one of the high school boys making "the move". He was going in to kiss his girlfriend, but his hair is so shaggy that he had to push it out of his face to finish the smooch. I laughed and told the Talker that "If you have to move your hair out of your face to kiss a girl, then you might need to be named "Hairy McScary".

The Talker responded, "No. Maybe he should be called Hairy McRick Perry" - which as far as I can tell, was a direct slam against our Governor Goodhair, Rick Perry.

The Princess chimed in "Maybe we should call him Hairy Stinky Face McHairy." I'll leave it to you to decide if that one counts as a political joke or not...

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