Sunday, January 02, 2011

It's justa job, right?

Here it is, almost midnight and I start a new job in the morning. Should be in bed, instead I seem to be dwelling on all of the stuff that might go absolutely, horribly wrong on my first day back in a Middle School since 198never (because technically, I went to a Jr. High School not a Middle school. I could give you a definition of the difference between the two, but if you aren't a teacher, then you don't really care and if you ARE a teacher,well, I would hate to show my ignorance by giving out wrong information on my blog...

Anyways, between my Bro hooking me up with a new wardrobe and having a new car to drive, I'll at least be the coolest looking first day teacher at the skool, even if I am the most scared, too.

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