Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Howdy. It's hot!

25 some odd days in a row of 100 degrees (or more). Yeah, it is one of those summers. It has gotten so hot out there that we hide inside from about 1:30 until about 6pm most days. Not a lot on TV at that time, but it keeps us all from basting in our own juices.

We have extras around here this week. The 12 year old nephew and 10 year old niece are hanging out this week and going to Vacation Bible School with The Princess and The Talker. Three days in and everybody is having a lot of fun.

I have been trying to make sure the kids have a little taste of Austin while they are here. Yesterday I hauled them to the LBJ Library and Museum. The Princess was suitably impressed with the original Hippy clothes they were displaying in the exhibit space dedicated to political movements of the 60's. For the record, and so that my sister does not beat the snot out of me, we did detour past (most) of the exhibit space dedicated to the 1960's Sexual Revolution. They might could have used a larger sign telling that parts of the exhibit were not child-friendly.

After that eye popping museum trip, we stopped at an Austin institution, Toy Joy. Good times! Our kids love to explore the shop. The nephew and niece were a little surprised to find out that this is not a Toys R Us type of store. Still, they all found a few things to buy on a $5 budget.

Tonight we will be downtown to check out the Austin Bat Colony. Thursday afternoon we are going to head back towards the University and we will check out the Blanton Museum of Art. Friday I plan to send everyone away and take a two day nap. Keeping up with this herd has already worn me out.

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The Father of Five said...

I was sorry to have missed the Bat Colony... I thought that would have been really neat to see!!

Maybe next time!