Saturday, August 06, 2011

A week? Really?

The kids have been gone for a week. They spent a week at The Queen Mother's house, going to evening Vacation Bible School and hanging out with the grandparents and cousins during the heat of the day. I had all sorts of great plans for the time they were gone.

Now they are home and my list didn't get touched. I did manage to squeeze in watching 26 episodes of Sons of Anarchy while the house was quiet but that is about all I accomplished. (I did spend a lot of time at school prepping my class room.)

Monday I will start back to school prep for real so the kids are going to a daily sports camp. In a couple of weeks we will all be starting back to school and hopefully by then I'll be all caught up on my TV shows and movies.

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The Father of Five said...

We are still a month out. #3 is finishing up his summer Scout Stuff by heading off to Tomahawk Summer camp (AS A CAMPER! All summer he has been C.I.T.'ing). Once he returns, I have two more weeks of taking #2 up to work (paid position) at the camp - and then will have two sold weeks of NOTHING planned before school starts.

First week of September here - but I do recall schools down there starting earlier...

Good luck Teacher Mike!