Sunday, October 02, 2011

The final Texas Two Step

As of about 16 minutes ago,  I am down to the last two requirements before I finish my full teaching certificate.  I had a stack  of electronic documents I have been needing to submit  since last  spring.  Today I sat down and finally finished all of them.  All that is left is a test review course and one, last state exam.  Hopefully I can knock out the review this week and get  scheduled for the exam by the end  of the month. 

I have  until the end of the semester and normally I WOULD wait  until  the bitter end.  But The Boss Lady wants to go on vacation in November.  And I assume  that  she   would like me to have a paying job  next January, too.  So I guess I better hit the review  books soon.

When I started  this teaching adventure the list of To-do’s did not look too bad.  After the lay off  last Spring, my motivation disappeared and I was not sure how hard I wanted to work on the whole thing.  When I re-hired I was committed to finishing my certification up but the start of this  school year has blown by a LOT quicker than I ever imagined  it might (as evidenced  by my abandoning this blog).  Last week I  had my intern supervisor sign off  that  I would indeed make a decent teacher and that I should receive my certificate. 

So all that is left  is the review and the test.  Bring ‘em on!


The Father of Five said...


How did it go (if you have already taken it)?

On an unrelated note - I too am struggling to find the time to keep up with FOF as I used to... I have so many started but unfinished posts that I can not keep track of them anymore...

Unknown said...

I am so jealous! I have always wanted my teaching certificate, but have used EVERY excuse in the world to not. Congrats to you in advance.

Daddy by Default said...

Good luck.

Mike said...

Had to take a review class before I am allowed to register for the test. Finally found a Saturday to get that class out of the way, yesterday. Hopefully I can sign up for a (soon) test date on Monday.