Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Sick days

I haven't taken two sick days in a row in more than 10 years I bet. That streak ends this week. I guess it would be the time I got my gall bladder taken out and I wasn't even 30 years old then.

I went to the doctor today and got a shot to help with my cedar allergies. Cedar trees are everywhere in Austin. So this time of year everybody within 50 miles is sniffling and snorting and rubbing eyes. January is always a great time to people watch around here.

Anyways, I always end up with a sinus infection on The Talker's birthday, which rolls around on Friday. This year I was a little ahead of schedule.

My old doc no longer takes our insurance. I have known this for more than a year but today was the first time I NEEDED to go to see a doctor. Of course I haven't done the leg work to find a new doc so I ended up at a walk-in clinic.

If it were not for the higher co-pay, I would just go here until the next insurance change. Online check-in, and new patient paperwork rules!

The insurance had changed our 'scrip coverage too. Thanks to The Boss Lady for calling around the HR office to get the info I needed. There are some great perks to having the wife work at the same place!

I feel better but these medicines always keep me awake for about 24 hours so hopefully I'll pretend like I am David Melin and I'll snooze the day away while the kids are at school tomorrow.

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The Father of Five said...

Now wait a minute Mr. Math teacher... I have a question.

Are you trying to IMPRESS us with the fact that in the past 10 years you have not taken more than two sick days in a row, when you have (of your own admittance) been a AtHomeDaddy for most of that???

Well... Ok. I guess even AtHomeDaddy's are allowed a sick day from time to time too - So I'll let it pass... (Snicker)

If you are anything like David Melin, you will TRY to snooze the day away while the kids are at school, but not have much luck in doing so!!

Feel better soon my friend - as a fellow seasonal allergy sufferer - I can empathize with your plight.