Saturday, September 03, 2005

AtHomeDaddy, Boat Collector

The Boss Lady and I have talked for years about buying a canoe.

First, we were renting apartments and didn't have a garage to store it in, so we did not buy one. Then, when we bought a house, we got busy working on the house so the garage has always been full of other stuff and we did not buy one. Then The Talker was born and we wanted to wait until he was bigger to buy a canoe. Then The Princess was born and...

A couple of years ago, I started fishing and then I really started wanting a small boat. So I bought a boat this morning. It's not a canoe, but a little aluminum john boat instead. A neighbor had it in a yard sale. It is only big enough for one adult, one kid and some fishing gear, but that is enough for us. Plus, this boat will fit right inside the bed of the truck.

Once The Talker and I drove down to pick it up, I decided to clean it up a little. And while I was doing that, Uncle Lemon arrived with more boating news. His mom has an old boat that she would love to get out of her barn. And it is a little bigger than the recent purchase.

This one has an 18 hp outboard and a trailer. It hasn't been run in years, but the boat is fiberglas and stored out of the weather, so it should be in OK shape. I think Uncle Lemon and I will head out on Monday to go check out the bigger boat.

Then The Boss Lady and I will need to decide what to do with our newly acquired armada. And I assume that her plans don't involve keeping two boats.

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