Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Mental Note

The Mother of the Bride is having surgery this morning, so The Boss Lady has gone up there for a few days. The kids and I have lots of fun and excitement planned until the weekend.

The Princess has a Dr's appointment downtown this afternoon and The Talker is heading to a friend's house then. So after dropping him off, we have 45 minutes to drive downtown. No problem, except that we have to stop at the pediatrician's office to pick up medical records, first. And since the front office staff there hate me AND I am not sure exactly what records I need to get from them in the first place... I bet that will just go sooooo smoothly.

And seeing as I forgot to give her highness the royal dosage last night, she will probably be feeling great about the time of the Dr's appointment. She just loves to be messed with when she does not feel good. Ever seen a pediatric urologist cry? Today might be your chance.

I have a funeral to attend on Thursday morning. The children will be getting farmed out to the highest bidder for a few hours, or whoever can watch them while providing me with the least hassle. Offers? Anyone?

This morning, the kids and I are planning to head to story time at the nearby library. I took the boy a few years ago, but one of the librarians reminded me at the end that "kids who don't sit still, don't get much out of the story." Maybe I'll dope them up before we go. Don't want to stress out the librarian.

And to top off a morning like this, we ran out of Dr Pepper about 16 hours ago. But there happens to be a grocery store right next door to the library.

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