Saturday, September 17, 2005

I can see, I can see... and you 're UGG LEEE

I thought I lost my glasses back when I went on a road trip with dad. For more than two months I have been sure that I left my glasses in the hotel room when we checked out. I know for sure I left my swimsuit there, so it was not hard to believe that the glasses were there, too.

So for two months I have been wandering around, without my glasses. My vision must not be too bad, though. I was able to get my driver's license renewed during this time. But I guess I just forgot to wear them to the DMV. Because my glasses have not been sitting in the unclaimed glasses box behind the motel counter, they have been in my tackle box, since my last trip to the lake.

Now I remember pulling them off when I was running through the rain and hail to the car. I did not want them to fall in the gravel and get scratched. Good thing I protected them. Anyways, thanks to the upcoming fishing season, I found them this morning.

And The Boss Lady thinks my hobbies don't pay off...

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