Sunday, September 25, 2005

Hurricane Rita

Pops was here for several days this week, riding out Hurricane Rita. Now that he is back home, he said there was no damage to his house. Except the damage he caused while trying to cover windows and protect the house. Lucky for him. Also his travels today were much better than he expected. The usual 3 hour trip only took an extra hour. Unlike the 8 hour trip up here on Thursday night.

The Boss Lady helped run one of the evacuation shelters on Friday and Saturday. Many people were ready to head home Saturday, so they shut the shelter down Saturday afternoon. It made for a long week for her. But we finally had some family time today, between church, NASCAR and naps.

The kids and I all enjoyed having another adult around for a couple of days. They got to play with Pops. I got to work around the house and get the yard mowed. During the week. During daylight. And I planned to fish. But I didn't go, since I did not want to be out in the 106 degree heat. Even to chase defenseless little fishies around the lake.

I like fishing. I do not like heatstroke.

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