Friday, September 16, 2005

Thanks, I Think

While The Talker and I were wandering around downtown and hopping trains a few days ago, we got the weirdest compliment of all times.

A man sitting at a train stop told me "That is a good looking boy."

I gave my usual response "Thanks. He is a good boy."

Then train guy continued "He looks just like you. If I was the judge on the bench and there was a problem... There wouldn't be any question. That's your boy. Of course, it could end up costing you a lot of money..."

Train guy was really considerate, too. We sat a few seats down from him and The Talker fanned his hand in front of his face and pinched his nose before I noticed the guy was smoking a cigarette. But quicker than I could move the boy, train guy moved 10 feet downwind. He then laughed back to me"Don't want his momma wondering where you took him. We can't let him go home stinkin' like smoke."

I laughed and thanked him again as we climbed aboard the train to Granny's house.

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Chip said...

when I walked around town with my daughter CB I'd get that all the time when she was little: "She looks just like you". (I never got the "good looking" part though...) Of course now that she's 14 that's the last thing she wants to hear.