Wednesday, September 07, 2005

If you can't find good help, lower your standards...

Let me introduce The Babysitter, newest member of The AtHomeDaddy cast. Sort of. She has been there, but in a nicer form. A couple of weeks ago, I brought My So Called Aunt's oldest daughter over to watch the kids while I cleaned the house.

We are doing it again today. But check out this note we got from The Babysitter (I edited it a little, but not much):

...I let the boy run around the house and I let both of them throw food on the floor.

I don't change the kids, I let them run around stinky. I brought Fuzzface and Furrbutt around so there was more chaos. I let your dog out and run all over the place and I fed him chocolate.

I give all of them all the cokes they want and lots of sugar. And they don't have a bedtime.

I stay on the phone and eat all the snacks and leave the wrappers on the table...

P.S. I would drink up all the DP's but I hate Dr Pepper! And I expect a really good reference some day.

Hey, at least she let us know up front, right? And she won't be stealing my Dr Pepper. But I think I'll lock up the booze and guns, just in case.


Rick said...

Why did you have to edit it?

Mike said...

Because The Babysitter has a foul mouth.

At least she works cheap!

Darth Daddy said...

Wow - babysiters sure have changed since I was a kid!

On the other hand, in a world that pretends that their "Large" pizzas aren't really their old small size, having it "your way" really means just eat the burger and shut the hell up, and where there are Biggie, Large and Medium (but no small---I mean, come can you have a Medium with no small??? Medium means middle!!)...
It was refreshing to hear such honesty in a letter. Don't think I'd let her near MY kids though. Good luck.