Thursday, September 29, 2005

Signs that momma ain't home...

The Boss Lady has been gone for 36 hours. And we are starting to show that fact.

The baby did indeed sleep in her clothes last night. She was tired and I was trying to get the boy in the tub. I finally got her out of those clothes, at 7:45 this morning.

Also, I just realized that the diaper cover I had on The Princess all day yesterday is actually part of her best dress outfit. But it looked really cute with the blue denim dress, too.

The Talker watched a movie yesterday. In the middle of the afternoon. Instead of napping but he was quiet. Plus, I knew he would get hyper later, at the neighbor's house and that he would be their problem.

There are growing piles of laundry. I hardly ever fold laundry. The Boss Lady does it. But I do keep the clothes washed. Except this week. There is still a pile of clean clothes from before she left AND there is a pile in the garage, of things waiting for a spin in the washer. And it is growing, quickly.


Chip said...

man you've got this gig down!

The baby did indeed sleep in her clothes last night. Lesson number one, always let sleeping babies lie!! We used to put our daughter into her crib still wearing her bike helmet when it was naptime and she fell asleep in the bike seat. 'Cause the mere sound of the helmet unsnapping would wake her and mean no nap that day... And sleeping in street clothes -- even now, if my 11 year old son falls asleep in his clothes there's no way I'll wake him up to change into pajamas, he might never get back to sleep!!!

Instead of napping but he was quiet. Lesson two, always let quiet toddlers do whatever is keeping them quiet, even if it disrupts routine! This actually is a life lesson and works with pre-teens and sometimes even with teenagers!

As for laundry, as you know and I think you agree, I think some people take laundry way too seriously. I mean, does it really need to be folded? Okay, maybe a few items like dress shirts and pants, but most stuff is just fine being pulled out of a pile. You know, it's all about priorities.

You ever thought about giving parenting lessons you'll never see in Parents magazine?

Mike said...

always let sleeping babies lie!

See, I have a lot to learn, Chip. I thought the saying was "always lie to sleeping babies."

From now on, during her naps, I'll quit telling her I am a Super Secret Double Agent Spy and that all of the really cool kid's paren't drive minivans with the paint peeling off. OK?

Thanks for setting me straight.

chip said...

always lie to sleeping babies, hmmm, I thought that was lesson 1.5...?