Tuesday, September 20, 2005

I didn't see that one coming

My new found glasses lasted all of 48 hours. NO, they are not lost again. They are mangled. Done. DOA.

The Princess decided to help me out yesterday by bringing me my glasses. If I had left them carelessly laying around, I would have foreSEEN this disaster. But they were laying in the middle of our 5 foot square dining table. OUt of reach of MOST 16 month olds. Not her. She moved a chair over and climbed aboard, just to SEE what was up there.

Usually, she finds a crayon or something else that we have pushed into the middle of the table to keep away from 16 month old monkey-children. Yesterday she SAW gold. Or glass. And somewhere between the middle of the dining table and the laundry pile where I was working, metal and glass carnage ensued.

So, after The Mangler wakes up from her nap, we are off to the eyeglasses shop to SEE if they are able to undo the damage. Luckily, the staff there are usually pretty nice and they can straighten some ugly bends in the thinnest of wire frames.

And they like kids. Especially ones that bring in business by wrecking daddy's glasses.

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chip said...

yes, little kids are very dangerous for glasses, I think they like the shinyness and of course grab for it. For years my glasses never quite fit right, a bit loose, crooked, because of all the times they'd been grabbed by my kids when they were toddlers/babies. You'd think someone would have come up with baby-proof glasses by now!