Sunday, December 17, 2006

Another busy weekend

Saturday morning Racecar Man and I dropped by the building site to watch a huge crew work on an Extreme Makeover house, a couple of miles from our neighborhood. It was pretty amazing to see the huge crew working and to know that just a few days earlier that beautiful house was not standing there, but tonight the family is getting to enjoy the new house.

Saturday evening we had a nice family play time in the backyard. The kids played on the playscape and I got most of the leaves cleaned up and added to the compost pile. There are still plenty of leaves on the trees and in the flowerbeds for the kids and I to make one more leaf pile this year. That is always a good way to kill an hour and a half, making a big leaf pile and letting the kids jump in it to scatter it back out. Big fun!

This afternoon The Talker and I loaded up the row boat and our fishing gear. We went to a quarry lake nearby to ride around in the boat and to do a little fishing. We caught a good looking smallmouth bass. It was also the only nibble we got. Since this was out first fishing trip in the boat, the boy was fishing without a hook. Next time we will double our chances to catch the big one.

Now I need to teach The Talker how to tell a fish story. He is telling everyone our bass was a few inches long. That fish was at least 11 inches long. And I bet it weighed a pound and a half.

The boat ride was fun and catching a fish was cool. But I am afraid The Talker will remember the trip because of the big goose that chased us around while we snacked at the picnic area. That dude was insistent that we share our snack with him. We ran back to the boat while he was eating our leftovers.

After the fishing trip we stopped at a neighbor's house and he played while I helped/watched the beginnings of a playscape construction project. Turned into a lot of fun when most of the neighborhood guys showed up to help out and to cheer on Law Talking Guy.

The Boss Lady and The Princess ended up down there watching the chaos. So assembling a playscape turned into a multi-family event. Man we love our neighborhood.


Working Gal said...

Hi! I found your blog just by doing a search for stay at home dads. My husband stays at home with our kids, and I was looking to help find him some comrades! We went to college in Austin, and also have two kids (a boy then a girl - 5 and 2), and your blog just cracks me up! In fact, I started my own because I wanted to capture some of the insane things that happen at my house! Thanks for the laughs!

Long Island Dad said...

C'mon, that fish had to be a foot and half and 3 lbs. at least, right? I'm impressed -- you really pack a lot into two days -- when's nap time?

Mike said...

Yeah. I am really missing nap times. They boy just quit taking a three hour nap every day. He went from 3 hours to no nap at all in about a week.