Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Just another December in Texas

Six days until Christmas and the kids and I are stuck in the house because of a nice drizzle outside. But it would be a lot worse if we did not have air conditioning. 'Cause it's hot out there...

The kids and I headed over to our YMCA this morning so that The Talker could join in on his new favorite activity, KidFit. This is a game and exercise program specifically for 3-6 year olds. The Talker has really enjoyed the last couple of times he attended, especially when he realized that he is the oldest kid in the group. I am excited about that, because age wise he is stuck right in the middle of all of the kids in our neighborhood.

While he was getting fit, The Princess and I went swimming. Which happens to be one of her favorite activities and NOT one of mine. Still, it is nice to have some one on one time with her during the day. Now that The Talker is not napping, he and I get lots of time to play together while sister is snoozing.

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