Thursday, December 14, 2006

Dinner out or a trip to the ER?

The Boss Lady has been planning a night out with some of her friends for weeks. I think I first heard about the plan to dine out tonight back in late October. Anyways, plans have been brewing for a while.

120 minutes before she was supposed to meet one of the neighbor ladies to head out, The Princess realized mommy had plans that did not include anyone under the age of 30. So she did what any self-respecting kid who does not want to eat another of dad's diners would do... she fell off of the playscape. We decided to head to the ER because she landed wicked hard on her left arm and chest. Yes, the local ER IS getting to know us pretty well.

Anyways, we were in and out in 90 minutes! No broken bones, no sprains, no X-rays and no shots! By the end of our stay, the patient and I were playing a "Peg the Mommy in the Head" with a blown up rubber glove. Turns out it is a hilariously fun game. Though I am not sure the woman waiting for X-rays on the other side of the ER curtain would agree.The Princess was laughing so hard I was worried that she would fall off of the exam bed and break her arm or something. But laughing in the ER is OK, especially if it annoys mommy!

The Talker spent the time with some neighbors, entertaining them by retelling of all of the recent family news. Evidently I am a super hero in my spare time and I fight crime with laser vision and ice... Needless to say, he was sad to see us home so soon.

But The Boss Lady was happy. She managed to wait out the entire ER visit and still make it on time to her dinner with the neighborhood women.

Me? I would rather go back to the ER than to have gone on that dinner trip.

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