Monday, December 11, 2006

Family Day

After everyone was sick Friday and Saturday, we were feeling like we had missed out on the weekend. So Sunday we skipped church and went to see Happy Feet.

I won't spoil the movie here, but here is my $18.50 Matinee Movie Review...

  • The plot was hard for The Talker to figure out. Heck it was hard for me to follow.
  • The animation and visuals in the movie were great. Especially the landscapes.
  • The dancing was fun and kept us all tapping along. OK, The Talker was dancing in the aisle...
  • The highlight of the movie was the music! This movie has an awesome soundtrack that the kids and I will be hunting down this afternoon. Never before have I wanted to buy a movie soundtrack before the opening credits finished rolling.
An interesting side note to our movie adventure, the showing that we attended was Open Captioned - It had the dialogue written and major sound effects described along the bottom of the screen. Big bonus, I never had to ask The Boss Lady to clue me in on lines I missed while The Talker was asking me one of his 452,456 questions.


Long Island Dad said...

Oh No, not again with the soundtracks! Good luck!

Mike said...

Yeah, but I doubt a $150 penguin collection or $100 video game will follow, unlike with Cars.