Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Longer nights, longer days

I really don't like this time of year, when it is dark about 75% of the time. Makes me really miss summer, when you can play outside in the daylight until 8:30.

But even more I am missing the days of 3 hour naps and 9:30 wake up calls. Recently some unholy alignment of the planets has taken hold of our children. And there ain't enough Dr Pepper in the universe to keep Daddy awake all day long.

The Talker has finally outgrown daily naps. No real surprise there, he is almost 5. But the real pain is that he went from regular 3 to 4 hour snoozes to none. Nada. Zilch. Daddy don't likes missing naptime.

The Princess has discovered life before Sesame Street. She used to sleep away half of the morning. No more of that. Suddenly she has decided that 6:11AM makes a much better wake up time than 9AM. Now my day is a couple of hours longer on the front end. No muy bueno. Daddy likes him some sleep until 7AM.

Then there are days like today. The Boss Lady left even earlier to get some work done in a quiet office. The Princess bounced out of bed at 6:10. I was too groggy to realize where she was headed before she made it all the way in to The Talker's room and onto the top bunk bed with him.

No, he did not sleep through the early morning visit. Yeah for losing ANOTHER hour of sleep. That should make for a happy boy this evening. Thank your sister when you are elbow deep in time outs tonight, OK?

Luckily for me there is a cure to this curse. When The Boss Lady finishes work this afternoon, she does not have to go back until after the first of the year. At least I'll have her around to share the pain. Plus, she is already used to these early mornings, what with leaving for work at 5 in the morning.

Besides, it would not be very nice of me to intrude on Mommy time with the kids, now would it?


Ally Bean said...

No muy bueno.

I'm sorry for your loss of sleep time. Have you thought of acquiring a taste for espresso? That would help you stay awake and keep you quite energized while awake. Amazing drug that caffeine!!

Long Island Dad said...

See Mike -- I told you crushing a coffee bean was the answer! The sugar in Dr.P is only a temporary high -- caffeine lasts much longer, and it's addictive!

Long Island Dad said...

Feel for us in the North -- as outside time dwindles to nothing this time of year. A 4 year old and 4 walls -- a disaster in the making!

Mike said...

Guys, I have to tell you, you got me thinking.

There is a pound of starbucks in the fridge and a big ass coffee maker in the pantry. Might be time to put it to use.

Ginger said...

I remember when J gave up his naps but was too young to stay awake while sis napped. Now they are both old enough to entertain themselves and luckily not get into trouble while mom naps. There is something out there to look forward to.